Click here to submit a reservation on 25Live Pro.

Scroll down for quick 2 minute YouTube video tutorials showing you how to sumit reservation requests in 25Live Pro on either mobile or desktop devices. Before submitting a request, please familiarize yourself with the policies for our spaces and be ready to provide the following information.

These are the fields we ask you to include in your 25Live request:

  • Event Type – Select “MS Special Event” if you are able. You may not see this option; we can assign it on our end if that is the case
  • Expected Head count – Include the approved attendance count 
  • Event Date and Time – Include start/ending times (no setup time needed)
  • Custom Attribute – Add your speedtype number, if you are able. You may not see Custom Attribute, in which case please include speedtype in the Comment section at end. Please note we do not charge internal clients for space use but ask for speedtype for all reservations. All requests without a SpeedType will be cancelled and the space requested will remain available for other clients to reserve. 
  • Event Comments – State the desired set-up type, include if food or alcohol will be provided, and if AV or stage is needed
  • Requestor – Ensure main contact for event is listed; we will be reaching out to this person for all questions

Please note: due to limitations of the software, you are unable to see if a pending reservation request has been made for a space you a reserving. If the space you requested is unavailable because someone was in queue in front of you, we will do our best to help you locate an alternative campus space, if available.

If you would like more information about the 25Live platform, please click these video links and login with your Emory login:

Intro to 25Live Pro (5:56)

Making requests in 25Live Pro (19:32)



Reservable Spaces