Event Day Tips

  • Arrive early to ensure all the equipment you requested has been set up properly. Please arrive according to your Confirmation and agreed upon time from the event scheduler. If you are setting up equipment and decorations on your own, be sure to plan accordingly and check all policies.
  • Make sure the location and directions on how to get there are shared with attendees. Think about parking and navigating around campus for attendees who are not familiar with campus.
  • If you are in the Student Center spaces (including AMUC and the Campus Life Pavilion) and assistance is needed, please contact the Manager on Duty 404-904-9481
  • For any other space (Glenn Memorial, outdoor spaces) the Event Services team reserves, call Campus Services at 404-727-7463. This number will roll over to Emory Police dispatch after hours; EPD will be able to assist if you are locked out or have an emergency maintenance issue. Be sure to bring a printed copy of your reservation confirmation in order to gain access to your space in the event of a lock out.